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Nov 9, 2020

Assessment has the potential to either amplify or inhibit learning. On the episode, we dig into how to assess to cultivate deeper learning and develop the competencies students will need for the 21st century.

Show Notes:

  • Why so passionate about assessment? (2:45)
  • Assessment is the engine of learning. (8:20)
  • Where to start to build your own assessment literacy. (9:40)
  • Sound assessment is most critical in student-centered learning. (12:20)
  • Assessing the critical competencies. (13:55)
  • Switching the end and the means. (17:05)
  • Collaboration as the key competency for educators. (20:10)
  • Grading is assessment and must adhere to the same principles. (24:50)
  • Bringing parents on board. (27:30)
  • Getting our practices right internally before challenging standardized tests. (30:50)
  • The problems with standardized testing. (35:40)
  • The emotional experience of assessment. (37:55)
  • Learning about “grit” is a privilege. (40:40)
  • Resources for further learning. (44:10)

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