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Nov 23, 2020

When we are responsible for the learning and growth of others, we know that feedback is our greatest ally. However, the challenging thing about feedback is it needs to land with the learner to motivate them to take the next steps.

In this solo episode, I share what I’ve learned about how to deliver feedback in a way that elicits a productive response. Namely, by removing grades, providing supported opportunities to use the feedback, and pairing the right kind with the right learner we can ensure everyone continues to grow.

Show Notes:

  •  How do we ensure a return on our investment? [00:10]
  • Remove grades from feedback. [2:09]
  • Provide a supported opportunity for students to use feedback. [7:22]
  • Give the right kind of feedback, to the right learner, at the right time. [10:07]
  • Two critical self-reflection questions. [15:40]

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