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Dec 13, 2021

We all have memories of Sex Ed that are filled with embarrassment and shame. How might we change our collective experience of this topic? What structural barriers create this problem? How might we reimagine Sex Ed as relationship education? Alex Noel worked for many years as a Sexual Health educator before stepping into his own classroom as a high school Science and Math teacher. The contrast of these two educational experiences has given him a passionate insight into how we might better achieve our collective goal of growing healthy kids.

Show notes:

  • Alex’s journey from volunteer to a sexual health educator, to finally, a classroom teacher. (7:45)
  • Possible criteria we might use to define sexual health. (12:35)
  • The barriers in school to achieving our shared goal of healthy kids. (14:55)
  • Imagining the curriculum for “Relationship Education” 101. (18:40)
  • Grappling with SB8, the controversial law in Texas that has made abortion illegal after six weeks. (22:40)
  • Bright spots that Alex has seen where schools are living into the goal of healthy students. (29:40)
  • Upholding the expectation of universal consent in every context. (35:11)
  • Recalibrating to our changing social norms without a road map. (42:21)
  • Advice for those wanting to hold space for relationship and sexual education in their classroom. (46:00)
  • The purpose of education. (50:44)

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