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Apr 3, 2023

Breana Jacques and Shannon Finnegan are two “engagement guides” at the Collaborative Lab School in Minneapolis with a fascinating mission: to empower students to reinvent school. What principles do students think school should follow? What do they think should be assessed? How do they want to feel? They join Natalie to share the story of how they’ve shared power with students as co-designers of school and are rewriting the narrative of education.

Show Notes:

·       Introduction to Breana and Shannon, two “engagement guides” at the Collaborative Lab School. (7:30)

·       How reimagining the role of a teacher is energizing and rehumanizing. (12:00)

·       What students want when they are empowered to co-design school.  (19:30)

·       The co-design journey that led to the Collaborative Lab School. (29:00)

·       Co-designing an assessment system grounded in competencies. (36:45)

·       The barriers that folks are facing in traditional contexts that keep them from sharing power and co-designing with students. (49:00)

·       The purpose of education. (60:00)

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