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May 9, 2022

This week’s project feature is about breaking down the barriers between the siloed subjects that we’ve all become comfortable with. Jessica Bates is a 17-year teaching veteran who has made her career about asking the questions “what are the things that unite our subjects?” During this episode, Jessica talks about the ins and outs of combining the entirety of Social and Science in her Grade 9 classroom.


Show Notes:


Cross Curricular in high school 1:00

Social and Science integration 4:13

What does it to start reaching beyond your comfort zone for the sake of cross curricular teaching 10:28

How the students deal with the shift of Social and Science together 16:05

What reporting look like when combing social and science 20:11

Some key takeaways 26:25

The purpose of education 28:09


Links Mentioned:

The Teacher Effectiveness Framework